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5 Best situation to Get Pregnant Fast.

In some women, conception happens very quickly while in some cases it happens very slowly. There are many reasons for this such as se – (men) deficiency or insufficient number of se – (men) or se – (men) not meeting with the egg. Having low or low se – (men) counts is a different matter, but sometimes the se – (men) from the male and the egg from the female body do not meet each other. Eggs released from the for only 24 hours, while se – (men) live for three to five days in the woman’s body. If the se – (men) and egg do not meet at the right time, conception is difficult.

Now the question arises that what can be the solution to this problem. The answer is a better inter – ( course ) situation. Many times, due to inter – ( course ) situation, the se – (men) gets deposited in the wrong place, due to which pregnancy is not possible. That is why inter – ( course ) situation has its own special importance in getting pregnant. Let us know today about some of the best inter – ( course ) situation, which help in getting pregnant fast.

Up Down situation: The situation considered best for getting pregnant is the missionary situation. In this situation, during inter – ( course ), the man is on top and the woman is on the bottom. The advantage of this situation is that peter prick is possible and the se – (men) is deposited very close to the tissue leading to the scruff.

Butt lifting :-

Raise the behind by placing a pillow under the woman’s body. This situation can also prove to be very beneficial as the se – (men) released by the man in this situation can easily reach the scruff of the woman and come in contact with the egg from there.

Dog – gy tone :-


Dog – gy tone is also considered a better situation for conception. In this too the se – (men) goes to the scruff.

Lying on the side :-


You can also try the situation mendacious on the partner’s side. In this condition, the chances of male se – (men) getting closer to the scruff are high.

Or – gasm :-

Although it has nothing to do with inter – ( course ) situation, according to research, Or – gasm in women plays a major role in conception. According to studies, female Or – gasm causes excessive contractions that push se – (men) towards the scruff.

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