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અમારા વોટ્સએપ ગ્રુપમાં જોડાવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો...

If a woman makes this gesture towards you, then it should be understood that she wants to do this work.

Can you tell if a man or woman is lu – stful or wanting to have inter-(course)? If not, today we will tell you how women tell that they are ready for a relation – ship. Many women give some signs that indicate that they want to have a relation – ship. Science has proven that women have more inter-(course) than men. However, it is not easy to recognize that women are hotter.

When women want to have a relation – ship, they try to convey by breathing heavily that they are interested in inter-(course). By doing this he signals to his partner. In such a situation you should understand this gesture. Because not every woman talks directly to her partner for rom – (ance). If you are in a relation – ship and your partner hugs you and begins to breathe heavily, then understand that he wants to have a relation – ship with you. Get your partner excited for roma – ( nce )  in this way.

When women play with their lips :-

Many women try to tell their partners that they want intercourse by biting their lips while they play with them. Such women are lu – stful. Whenever he is in need of romance, he signals his partner by acting like this.

When you play with your hair :-

Many women play with their hair in an attempt to signal that they are in love. When females open their hair and start fixing their hair, they indicate that they are ready to have inter – ( course ). However, it is also true that whenever a woman plays with her hair, she is not necessarily looking for a relation – ship. It also means that he is in love with you.


Getting too close while talking :-

When a woman likes someone, she makes her point. On the contrary, men express their love openly, but not every woman expresses her love openly. However, it gives many clues. If a woman repeatedly approaches you while talking to you and tries to touch you, then understand that she likes you.


When you start touching your body :-

Whenever a woman rubs or massages your hands and feet or repeatedly runs her hands over her body while looking at you, understand that she is inviting you. Many women start stroking their neck or their arms. By doing this, it indicates that he likes you and is interested in inter – ( course ).

When he starts talking to you in the eyes :-

The best way to get your point across to women is to make eye contact and make gestures. If a woman is constantly looking into your eyes and smiling or playing with her hair, it means that she likes you. Women say many things by eye contact, which you should understand. Such women look into your eyes for a long time and also tilt their eyes differently. This is considered a green signal.

When talking in your ear :-

Talking in your ear is not a kind of invitation, but when a woman talks ho – tly in your ear, it means inviting you. By doing this, he gives you hints that he likes you.

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