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How many times inter-( course ) in one night can you get pregnant ?

Some couples get pregnant on the first try of inter-( course ), while some people have to wait a little longer for this, but did you know that there is a science behind this too, after which couples get pregnant. This has been revealed in a new study. According to a study, to get a positive pregnancy result, couples should have inter-( course ) at least 78 times from the beginning. Its duration is from 6 months to 158 days. According to the study, 1194 parents were surveyed. Studies have found that couples have inter-( course ) at least 13 times a month to envision.

Getting pregnant is full of hard work and stress for couples :-

Although it sounds great, many couples fall prey to the anxiety of getting pregnant. According to Times of India news, many people have confessed that having inter-( course ) to envision is like a daily chore for them. The study found that 43 percent of people feel pressured to envision and are even afraid to do so. Getting pregnant is full of hard work and stress for couples. So when they start focusing on having a baby, they look to each other for help.

Decrease in healthy se – (men) due to excessive inter-( course ) :-

At the same time, some people believe that having a baby also depends on the inter-( course ) position. One-third of couples consider the up – down inter-( course ) position most appropriate. About 36 percent of couples use this position during inter-( course ). According to experts, a couple should have inter-( course ) only once a day to envision. Although couples think that having inter-( course ) several times a day increases the chances of getting pregnant, this is not the case at all. According to experts, having too much inter-( course ) reduces healthy seed. Couples who have inter-( course ) once every 2-3 days have the highest chance of envision. Not every day is the same for a woman to envision. She can get pregnant only for a few days.

male se – (men) can live in a woman’s body for up to five days :-


The best time to get pregnant is five days before ovu – lation and the day of ovulation. Two days after ovu – lation and the day of ovu – lation are suitable for conception. Chances of getting pregnant are highest by having inter-( course ) on these days. During ovu – lation, the ovary releases a mature egg. These eggs enter the fall – opian tube through the uter – us. At this time, most se – (men) meet the enriched egg. se – (men) can stay in a woman’s body for about five days. So, when trying to envision , you should aim to have live se – (men) in your fall – opian tubes when you ovu – late.

Ovu – late on day 14 :-


You can use an app or keep a calendar to mark your era cycle. Each cycle starts on the first day of your era and ends one day before your next era. Find the midpoint of your era. If you have a 28 day cycle, you will ovulate on day 14.

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