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અમારા વોટ્સએપ ગ્રુપમાં જોડાવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો...

Use this situation during inter-( course ), any lust hungry wife will be satisfied…

Every couple wants to spend those special moments in the bedroom well and with maximum pleasure. It’s not only men who have high desire for inter-( course ). When they are newly married, they avoid expressing their desire. It is common practice among women not to achieve or – gasm and they do it only for appearance. Currently, this research is based on only a few women, so if your partner moves on to extreme happiness. If so, you should treat it as a show only.

Move inter – ( course ) situation :- In this situation men sit in dog- gy process and on the other side the woman is lying on the bed with her legs on top. The man has to have inter – ( course ) in this situation very slowly and with balance. Women enjoy this situation very much. Actually almost everyone knows that 80% of women are not fully satisfied during inter-( course ) so she pretends to get extreme pleasure so that her partner does not feel bad showing pleasure on some occasions indicates that she wants to end the violence now.

Dog – gy situation :- In this situation women sit like a dog and face forward. This situation is also enjoyed by women and it is easy for men to have inter – ( course ) but this situation is prone to disconnection of women. Romance starts with a kiss and gradually Moves to inter – ( course ) If you want to make your partner more attracted to inter – ( course ), kiss all over their body parts.

inter – ( course ) is one such pad in the life of all people in the whole world where people are very excited and they are also very excited. But you will be surprised. According to this, there is a situation of inter – ( course ) which is very comfortable and this is said by the girls themselves. According to the research on inter – ( course ), if you think that inter – ( course ) is only fun and pleasure. If yes then you are wrong Not every situation on the bed is pleasurable sometimes it reduces the fun in the process of doubling the fun.

A survey conducted by doctors online site superdrug online doctor revealed shocking results about inter – ( course ).The research involved 1,000 people from Europe and America and all of them were in relationships who had some issues with their inter – ( course ) lives. Questions were asked. The research revealed that the most boring inter – ( course ) situation is the 69 situation. About 56.8 percent of women and 42.7 percent of men said that the 69 situation is the most boring situation and the stress level is very high.

Regarding an – al inter – ( course ), 55 percent of women said they had a lot of trouble in this situation, while 30 percent of men also found it painful, suggesting that men get more pleasure in this situation. Men’s Favorite situation Interestingly, 88 percent of men believed that an – al inter – ( course ) was the best situation for them, while 12 percent of women preferred it.Women Like This Position 66.7 percent of women surveyed said they The apostle inter – ( course ) situation is the most popular while cow – girl and spooning took come in second. Who likes inter – ( course ) toys more men than women 66 percent said that they like to use inter – ( course ) toys in their inter – ( course ) life.


After going deeper into the topic, it was found that 58.9 percent of women and 41.1 percent of men prefer to use inter – ( course ) toys for inter – ( course ).Kiss is the best way to express love. Kiss all parts of the body.Women like a person full of excitement who makes love while making love.Love bites are good. That the bite does not become so strong that it starts to feel pain instead of the feeling of love.

Men feel good when they have Naughty Talks with their partner in bed but women also enjoy it a lot and these Naughty Talks help them to get closer and express love feelings to arouse women for inter – ( course ). So Naughty Talks is also a great medium. There was a time when women were afraid to even talk about inter – ( course ) but now they openly talk about inter – ( course ) and open up with their partners about how they get pleasure from inter – ( course ).


Earlier oral inter – ( course ) or mouth inter – ( course ) was only liked by men but now women enjoy it equally. Today’s modern women also love to have oral inter – ( course ). According to scientists, women are like men. There is not. Women don’t think about inter – ( course ) all the time. Sometimes, if her partner is too hot, she thinks against it, seeing her partner too hot can’t produce work in herself. The symbolic desire of women like their mood is improved by the response of love from their partner.

That reaction is their partner touching their front, running their hands through their hair, etc. Or – gasm is not the only purpose of women during inter – ( course ), they also like to reach climax but that is not their only priority. An important reason for women’s desire for inter – ( course ) is emotional connection and display of love. A special experience this time can help to a – rouse him again.

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