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અમારા વોટ્સએપ ગ્રુપમાં જોડાવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો...

‘I am a virgin woman, I don’t know about inter – ( course ), I am afraid of inter – ( course ), please tell me the right solution’

You are not the first woman to fear this. We have all been through this. Everyone has anxiety about first-time relationships. There is no wrong way to have inter – ( course ). If you leave two people in the wild, they too will find a way to enjoy themselves when they grow up. The body finds out what gives it pleasure in dating, as in other activities. He knows what to do and how to do it. inter – ( course ) has no theory, no rules, no guidelines. However, knowing some things can relieve fear and insecurity.

1. p (_on) is wrong :-

Most of us got our inter – ( course ) education through p (_on), so first of all it is important to clarify that the type of action seen in p (_on) videos is training. They are adept at that action. They perform actions as per script. Just like some unwanted scenes are cut and re-shot in the shooting of a movie, p (_on) movies also have breaks. Some scenes are re-shot with special effects. p (_on) is not like real inter – ( course ). You don’t need to know the 50 different inter – ( course ) positions. It is not necessary that you can raise your legs up to the head. Your male partner’s gender doesn’t necessarily mean the excitement will never end. Do not have such expectations from your partner. Because your partner is not a professional p (_on) star. He is an ordinary person like you. So get rid of these beliefs before having physical inter – ( course ) for the first time.

2. Your first inter – ( course ) doesn’t have to be painful or bloody. Bleeding is not necessary to achieve virginity. Many women have a lab – ia due to exercise or other activities. That is why many women do not bleed during the first inter – ( course ). It is possible that a single nasal drop may also come out. As far as pain is concerned, there may be some pain during insertion. But it can be easily avoided. Do good foreplay before you have inter – ( course ). Doing this will end the tension in the lab – ia . lab – ia shyness will decrease. And over-excitement will cause them to secrete. Similarly use a good quality lube for anal inter ( course ) which you can find in any medical store Or even online. Ask your partner to stimulate you very much before inserting the pen – is into your lab – ia and slowly insert the pen – is. Then increase the speed. Also, kiss each other passionately before entering the lab – ia.

3. Be safe :-

Safety is very important during first time or repeated inter – ( course ). Use proper contraception for safe inter – ( course ). protection are best because people make the mistake of trying two protection when having inter – ( course ) for the first time. Due to the use of both these protection , there is a possibility of it breaking. If you are thinking of using an oily substance, use a lube from a medical store. There is a chance that the protection will break if you try anything else.


4. You may not be stimulated for long. There is no goal that you set out to achieve and could not achieve. Get rid of the feeling that you have to prove something in the first inter – ( course ). If you keep any burden on the mind, the joy will die. So enjoy playing with each other slowly and easily without any rush. The partner should not feel shy or embarrassed to tell anything.

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