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Check work report of Gram Panchayat online.

Check Gram Panchayat Work Report Online: Today we are going to show you the connection with an administration site ( from which you can make significant commitments for the betterment of your city, your road and our nation. Here you can understand that how much cash has been paid by the Government of India for the development works of our city. (This information is quite standard) If you find any abnormality, you can usually guide your protest to the people in the middle.

At present, we should be alert overall and others will also have to do the same. All data is currently available on the web at the Administration site. We just need to understand and know it. On the off chance that 5-6 individuals in solitude in each town advise this data to the individuals of their town, then 70% of the decline will be reduced.

check gram panchayat work report online

So you demand that you see the need to work in your city from 2015-16 to 2019-20 and try to send this connection to every city in the country with the goal that the people of the city can get their privileges.

check gram panchayat work report online

Step:1 Open Below Website

Step 2.You can choose the language as per your convenience. Right now there are options for English, Hindi and Punjabi. view image

Step 3. Then you can choose the language. Right now there are options for English, Hindi and Punjabi. You can see in the picture.


Step 4. Click here for your plan year. (as in picture)
For example, if you want to know how much money was received from the government in 2015-16, then select the option of 2015-16. Then click on the name of the state you will be asked.

Step 5. After selecting the state, you will be given an option named ‘Plan Unit Type’. Select the Village Panchayat option.


Step 6. Then you will be asked that you are in the District Panchayat, then you will choose the name of your district.

check gram panchayat work report online
Step 7. After selecting the District Panchayat, select the name of the District Panchayat or Block.

Step 8. After District Panchayat, you will be asked the name of Village Panchayat.

Step 9. Then you click on GET REPORT.

check gram panchayat work report online

You can see the report here, how much cash has been received from the administration in your city/town/ward so far and how much money you have received from your sarpanch, your board people. What’s more, you can get the total data of how much money the assembly has taken.

If you feel that you have come to work from the administration and your sarpanch or authority has not done the work, then at that time you can complain about the open accommodation. Somewhere it is said that the Chief Minister will be legal on your protest.

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