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Annapurna Rasoi Yojana 2023 | State wise Annapurna Kitchen Scheme.

Annapurna Rasoi Yojana 2023: Today, in the twenty-first century, we have reached Mars on the one hand, while on the other hand, a large part of the population is still such, who do not get enough food even for two times. Our country is also not untouched by this problem, somewhere poor families across the country get food for two times with great difficulty, so special campaigns are being run by different states of the country for the poor. For this, the state governments keep bringing schemes from time to time. One of these schemes is Annapurna Rasoi Yojana.

Annapurna Rasoi Yojana 2023

Annapurna Rasoi Yojana is being run by some states today. Different names have been given to it in different states, but the purpose of all of them is the same. Although this scheme is very good, but still sometimes the benefits of these schemes have not reached the right person. Under the Annapurna Rasoi Yojana, government canteens are opened at some places, where food is served at very low prices without any discrimination.

Every day millions of people across the country go to bed hungry due to not having enough food. Along with this, they come under the grip of various diseases, many poor people also lose their lives due to hunger. Under this scheme, full meals are provided at low cost. Under this scheme, breakfast is given for just Rs.3 and full lunch-dinner for Rs.5 (Note – These prices may vary in different states.) | Annapurna Rasoi Yojana is being run successfully in many states of the country, including Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, and Rajasthan etc. Read this also- PM Garib Kalyan Yojana.

UP Prabhu Ki Rasoi Yojana Brief Description

Scheme Name Annapurna Rasoi Yojana
Location Various states of India.
Beneficiary poor people of all the states.
year 2023
Application Process No need

Features of Annapurna Kitchen Scheme

1. Under this scheme, canteens will be constructed near railway stations and other crowded places, so that more and more needy people can get its benefits.

2. Under the scheme, the poor will be given full meal for just Rs.5. In which lentils, bread, vegetables and rice will mainly be included.

3. Under the scheme, breakfast will be available for only Rs 3, which will mainly include tea, pakoda, idli-sambar and poha.


4. Under this scheme, one time meal will be provided free of cost to the poor.

5. According to sources, a budget of 150 crores has been proposed by the state government for this scheme and Annapurna canteens will be made in big cities of UP state.


6. Under this scheme, more than 270 Annapurna kitchens / canteens will be built across the state.

7. The breakfast and lunch available under this scheme will be offered in specific quantities according to the weight and time. The weight of the breakfast meal will be around 200 grams and will be served from 7.00 am to 10.00 am. The weight of the food available in lunch will be 450 grams and it will be given from 12 noon to 3 pm.

8. Apart from this, basic facilities such as drinking water facilities, toilets, dustbins and wash basins etc. will be available in the canteens providing food under Annapurna Rasoi Yojana.

9. Special tokens will be provided to the beneficiaries to get food. These tokens will be valid for 7 days. These tokens can be recharged to get food from Annapurna canteen under this scheme for the poor.

Objectives of Annapurna Kitchen Scheme

1. The objective of this scheme is not only to provide food, but also to take care of the nutrition found in the food.

2. Due to the lack of vitamins and minerals in the food, many types of deficiencies arise in children and they become victims of malnutrition. Diseases caused due to deficiency of vitamins and minerals also start arising in them.

3. That’s why this scheme has been started with the aim that people get not only taste in food but also all kinds of vitamins and minerals. Physical and mental development will be possible only if the food is full of nutrition.
This scheme will definitely improve the health of children and their precious life will be safe.

4. The poor will get a lot of benefit from this scheme because their food related problem will be solved.

5. With this scheme, the children will remain healthy and will be able to contribute in the development of the country.

Annapurna Kitchen Scheme Eligibility

1. This scheme has been defined for the poor, daily wage workers. So
No specific rules have been given by the state government as eligibility to take advantage of this scheme.

2. Under this scheme, Annapurna Rasoi will be opened in all the municipal areas of the state, which will provide tasty and quality food at low cost.

Annapurna kitchen scheme started

The idea of Annapurna Rasoi Yojana originated from Amma Canteens in the state of Tamil Nadu. Amma Canteen was established in the state of Tamil Nadu, with the main objective of providing food at affordable prices. Seeing Amma Canteen, other states also started such canteen scheme. With the start of this canteen, people know that good food is available at a low price.

Amma Canteen was started by former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Late J. was done by Jayalalithaa. Jayalalithaa is famous by the name Amma, that is why it is named Amma Canteen. Looking at the success of Amma Canteens in the state of Tamil Nadu, similar canteens were started by the UP government like other states named Annapurna Rasoi Yojana. Apart from UP, this scheme has been started by other states as well. Following is a brief description of some of these states.

UP Prabhu’s Kitchen Scheme

Uttar Pradesh State Government has recently launched UP Prabhu Ki Rasoi Yojana, which is similar to Annapurna Rasoi Yojana. The main objective of this scheme is that the poor of the state should get full food free of cost and no one should remain hungry. The scheme was started in Saharanpur district of UP state. The state government has appealed to the administrative officers, NGOs, industrialists that they should come forward to support this scheme.

Uttar Pradesh is the largest state in the country by population, a large number of poor live here. Therefore, the state government wants that the health condition of the poor can be improved and they do not have to face the condition of malnutrition.

Gujarat Annapurna Kitchen Scheme

The Gujarat government has also started this scheme recently, under which now the poor will be able to get full meal for Rs.10. Under this scheme, Gujarati Thali will be served to the poor, in which Dhokla, Khaman, Gujarati Kadhi will mainly be included.

Rajasthan Annapurna Kitchen Scheme

In Rajasthan this scheme is named as Indira Rasoi Yojana or Annapurna Rasoi, which is started by the Honorable Chief Minister Mr. Ashok Gehlot. Under this scheme poor people will be served rich breakfast which includes Poha, Sevaiya, Idli-Sambhar, Lapsi etc. for Rs.5 and lunch and dinner for Rs.8.

What is Annapurna Rasoi Yojana?

There is a canteen scheme run by various state governments at a very low cost. This type of scheme was first started in the state of Tamil Nadu. Today, such schemes are being run by the states somewhere.

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