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Kisan Credit Card Scheme 2023 .Kisan Credit Card Online & Offline Apply.

Farmers often require money for agricultural work. But if you did not know about this scheme till now, then now you do not have to worry about the expenses incurred in agricultural work. Because you can take a loan for agriculture at a very low interest rate by mortgaging your land. This loan is also commonly called Kisan Credit Card or Green Card. The Kisan Credit Card Scheme has been specially made by the Central Government for the farmers only.

In the Kisan Credit Card Scheme 2022-23, loans up to Rs. 3 lakh are made available to the farmers at only 4% interest rate. To take advantage of the 4% interest rate, you have to keep a few things in mind. Which we have mentioned below in the article below. That’s why please read the Agriculture Loan (KCC) article till the end.

Kisan Credit Card Scheme 2023

If you have never taken an agricultural loan (Kisan Credit Card) for agricultural work before, then you can take an agricultural loan by going to your nearest bank, depositing your land papers and completing some other formalities. You must have heard about Kisan Credit Card on the internet or from some person. This question must also come in your mind that what is this Kisan credit card after all. In this article, we will talk about all the points related to kcc loan (Kisan Credit Card).

Kisan Credit Card is an agricultural loan given for a short period (short term, 5 years). KCC loan is given to the farmers to meet the expenses incurred on farming throughout the year. It is given to farmers by the government through regional rural banks and other government banks. Which are mainly used by farmers to meet the expenses incurred in crop sowing, seeds, fertilizers, farming and crop insurance.

Kisan Credit Loan Introduction, When Started?

Kisan Credit Card is a type of loan. Which is made available to farmers by banks at a cheap interest rate (4%). This scheme was started jointly by the Government of India, Reserve Bank of India and NABARD in 1998, which was named Kisan Credit Card.

Kisan Card Yojana Summary KCC Overview 2022-23

Scheme Name Kisan Credit Card Scheme.
Whose plan is it? central government.
When did it start 1998 AD
beneficiary Farmers of India.
purpose Providing loan in low interest fear.
(Getting freedom from moneylenders.)
How much loan is given? 3 lakh up to Rs. (Note – from three lakh
interest on borrowing more
rate will go up.)
Rate of interest 7% (up to Rs.3 lakh)
Kisan Credit Card Form PDF click here.
official website

Credit Card (Kcc) Loan 2022

If you want to take loan in Kisan Credit Card scheme, then you have to contact your nearest bank. You will have to take Aadhaar card, pan card and agricultural land documents like Khasra, Khatauni and share certificate to the bank. The bank will check your CIBIL report before giving the loan. The bank will give you the loan only if the CIBIL report (credit report) is correct. Can give you loan for agriculture loan up to 1.60 lakh only with these documents.


For more than this, your documents can be verified by your advocates (lawyers) from the tehsil, the bank advocate (lawyer) after verifying the 12 years record (barhasala) of the concerned agricultural land, makes his report and gives it to the bank. Through which the bank will give you loan easily.

In this way, after all the documents are completed, the bank will open your KCC loan account. Once the loan limit is fixed, you can deposit and withdraw anytime for five years. Your agricultural land can be mortgaged by the bank.


Purpose of Kisan Credit Card

Why read the need of KCC scheme: As you all know that the condition of farmers in India is not financially correct even today. That’s why they are always in need of money for one or the other work whether it is agriculture related needs or family responsibilities. To meet these needs, the farmers had two options or they had to go through the long documentation process of the banks which took months to clear the loan.

Even after giving months of time, there was no guarantee whether the loan would be given or not. Second, they go to the moneylenders and borrow money at an expensive rate of interest, then the interest is so high that the situation worsens day by day after taking it once. To get rid of this problem of the farmers, the Kisan Credit Card Scheme was brought by the government, whose paperwork was made very easy. So that the farmers should not face difficulties in taking loans.

Eligibility for Kisan Credit Card

What is the eligibility for KCC? : All those farmers who have land are eligible to get pm Kisan Credit Card, apart from this it can be given to SHG / JLG.

Required documents for Kisan Credit Card

Document required for KCC: Only those farmers who have agricultural land are eligible for Kisan Credit Card (KCC) to the individual farmer. The required documents are as follows –

  • khatauni
  • Measles
  • share certificate
  • identity card. (with address)
  • Bahrasala (12 years land record from Tehsil) for loan limit above 1.60 Lakh.
  • affidavit
  • Nodues (no dues) certificate can also be sought from the nearest banks.

Benefit of Kisan credit card (Advantages of KCC) 2022

The introduction of Kisan Credit Card has benefitted the farmers to some extent. The condition of farmers in India has not improved much even today. But the Kisan Credit Card Scheme has helped Indian farmers financially and technically. Indian farmers have benefited somewhere from the kcc scheme.

  • The conditions for getting Kisan card loan from banks have been made very easy by the government. Which farmers can get done very easily. Kisan Credit Card can be made only by giving some documents to the bank.
  • Farmers got rid of loans at very high rates. The interest rate of Kisan card is much better than any loan available.
  • The biggest advantage of Kisan Credit Card is that farmers have got freedom from moneylenders. Indian farmers have been exploited by moneylenders for a long time. But with the advent of Kisan Credit Card, farmers get loans at very low interest rates. Due to which they no longer need to take loans from moneylenders.
  • With the creation of Kisan Credit Card, farmers are able to plow their fields, sow and irrigate their crops on time. Due to which their yield has increased a lot, their income is also big.

How much land is required for Kisan Card?

Land required for kisan credit card: How much loan is available on kisan credit card, or how much land is required for kcc, maybe this question must have come in your mind too. The determination of how much loan will be given depends on the scale of finance determined by the DLTC (District Leval Technical Committee), a technical committee at the district level, headed by the District Magistrate. Scale of finance is determined annually by DLTC, in which rate is determined per hectare / per acre for each crop grown on irrigated and non-irrigated land.

Kisan Credit Card Tenure

kcc loan tenure: KCC works like an overdraft. Means you can deposit whenever you want and withdraw whenever you want. You will have to pay interest only when your money comes out. Kisan Credit Card is given for 5 years. Even after 5 years, you can get the renewal done by depositing interest.

What is overdraft? Overdraft is such a loan given by the bank to its customers. In which money can be withdrawn even if there is no money in the customer’s account. A fixed overdraft limit is set in this. The loan limit depends on your relationship with the bank. Interest will have to be paid only when you withdraw the money.

How much is the interest of Kisan Credit Card?

Kisan Credit Card Interest Rate: If you have taken KCC loan up to Rs 3 lakh then you must know about kcc interest rate. You have to keep in mind that on which date you have taken the loan. Before the completion of one year from the date on which you have taken, you will have to deposit the entire loan along with the interest once. (Eligible for retake on the very next day.)

If you do this So you get 3% interest subvention on loans up to Rs 3 lakh by the government. It is the cheapest loan in the country. The total interest rate on Kisan Credit Card is 9 percent. Out of which 2% subsidy is given by the Central Government. And apart from this, if you deposit the loan before the completion of the year, then you are given an additional incentive of 3 percent. Thus, if deposited on time, only 4% interest has to be paid on KCC loan up to Rs.3 lakh.

Determination of loan limit of Kisan Credit Card

If you are a farmer, then it must have come to your mind that how much per acre KCC loan limit or per hectare loan limit will be approved. Farmer brothers, as you must be aware that the KCC scheme is only for crop sowing and related works. That’s why the loan limit is decided by the bank only on the basis of crop and repair (if any) machinery and maintenance amount etc. The amount of loan to be given for any crop is decided every year by a District Level Technical Committee (DLTC) headed by the DM.

Example – Suppose there is a farmer, whose name is Shyam Lal. Shyamlal has 1 hectare agricultural land. Suppose the scale of finance fixed by DLTC (district level technical committee) is also below.

crop scale of finance
potato 125000/-
Rice 55000/-
Millet 52000/-
Tomato 69000/-

Note – Apart from the loan given by the bank on the crop, some amount is given for the maintenance of the crop and repair of machinery etc. Which happens respectively like this.
Repairs – 20%
Maintenance – 10 %

We have given below an example of determination of KCC credit limit as per the above scale of finance. Suppose farmers cultivate potatoes and paddy in their fields, then the limit will be something like this.

crop name Limit 1st Year 2nd 3rd year 4th year 5th year
Rabi (Potato) 125000/-
Kharif (Paddy) 55000/-
Total (A) 180000/-
Amount for repair (20%) (B) 36000/-
amount for maintenance (C) 18000/-
Total Amount (For first year, A+B+C) 234000/- 257400/- 283140/- 311454/- 342600/-
  • In this way, Shyam Lal will be fixed KCC loan limit of 234000/- for the first year and 342600/- for the fifth year on 1 hectare agricultural land.
  • Agriculture loan limit is made for 5 years.
  • Agriculture loan limits increase by 10% every year from the first year onwards.

What happens in case of death of Kisan Credit Card farmer?

What happens on the death of the Kisan Credit Card holder: A question must have come in your mind that after the death of the farmer who will deposit his loan, will the Kisan Credit Card money be forgiven or not. Or else we will get the benefit of any Kisan Credit Card Insurance Scheme. So friends, let me tell you that banks mortgage their land while giving Kisan Credit Card loans. The loan of the bank is registered on the Khatauni of the farmer. Apart from this, the charge of the loan is also registered on the igrsup portal.

The charges / charges recorded on Khatauni can be removed only when the loan of the bank is fully deposited. Apart from this, the personal accident insurance scheme (PAIS) also gets the farmer an accident insurance while giving the bank loan. In this only Rs.5 premium is taken from the farmer. In case of death of the farmer in an accident, he gets the claim amount. Which is adjusted in their kcc loan account. After depositing the insurance amount, the remaining amount has to be deposited by their legal heirs. Because the land will be transferred in their name only when the bank loan is deposited.

Agricultural loan mortgage process

Farmer brothers, if you are going to take agricultural loan from any bank, then keep one thing in mind that the bank can mortgage your land. You have to keep in mind when your land will be mortgaged and when not. Presently there is a provision to mortgage only Rs.160000/- more. There is no provision for loans of Rs.1.60 lakh or less.

Banks get farmers to sign an agreement form while giving loan for mortgage. The agreement format is signed in 5 copies. The mortgage letter has to be sent to Tehsil/Registry office within 30 days from the date of disbursement of loan. Whose two copies are sent to the registrar’s office and two copies to the tehsil through his advocate. Each copy is returned to the bank after recording its charge in the tehsil. Thus the process of bank mortgage (ordinary mortgage) is completed.

Banks often get agricultural land done only on big loans. But today, like the farmers, there are some kind of problems in front of the loan recovery / bank. Sometimes the land is sold without depositing the loan of Kisan Bank. In such a situation, banks often mortgage all loans. Because the loan of the bank gets stuck in selling the land by the farmer, and due to this the bank unnecessarily gets entangled in the legal process.

Land Mortgage – Transfer of ownership rights of any land is prohibited until that land is completely free from any encumbrance. Mortgage is done with the mutual consent of both the parties.

What is Kisan Credit Card Accident Insurance (PAIS)?

Personal accident insurance scheme (PAIS): While giving KCC loan by the bank, an insurance of Rs 50000 is done for the card holders under the Personal Accident Insurance Scheme (PAIS) scheme. All KCC holders up to the age of 70 years are eligible for this. Farmers have to pay a premium of only Rs 5 for this. Apart from this, the bank gives 10 rupees for this. In total, a farmer has to pay (5 + 10) 15 rupees premium to the insurance company for three years.

Benefits / Key Points of KCC Accidental Insurance Scheme

  • Farmers up to the age of 70 years are eligible for this.
  • In case of accidental death, a claim amount of Rs 50,000 is given.

Risk Cover

upon death 50,000 /-
on permanent disability 50,000 /-
both limbs or both eyes or one limb and one eye  50,000 /-

period of insurance

Cover for one year if the premium amount has been paid for one year, or three years where annual premiums have been paid, from the date of receipt of premium by the insurance company from the date of receipt of premium amount goes.

How to apply online for KCC?

Kisan Credit Card Application Form: If you are a farmer and have agricultural land, then the easiest way to apply for KCC is by visiting your nearest bank branch. But still you want to apply online then you can apply and apply for kcc by visiting the official website of PMKISAN. You can also download its application form from here.

Official links for more information about KCC

For more information related to Kisan Credit Card, you can also visit the link given below.

NPA Norms for KCC Loan (KCC Loan Status from the date of Loan)

Have taken a credit card under the Kisan Credit Card Scheme 2021, do you know what will happen if you do not deposit it on time? What action will the bank take against you? So let me tell you that from the day you get the Kisan Credit Card till when the bank will give you time if you do not make the deposit, what is the NPA criteria for KCC loan? So let me tell you that in case of non-payment of Kisan Credit Card loan, a recovery certificate can be filed by the bank in the District Magistrate’s office.

  • The day you take the loan, you have to deposit it with interest once within a year as per bank rules. Suppose you have taken a loan of one lakh rupees under the Kisan Card. So in one year you will get 7000 rupees interest at 7 percent. You have to deposit Rs 107000 before the completion of one year. You can withdraw one lakh rupees once again on the next day of deposit or after that.

From taking KCC loan to account status

up to 0-1 year standard
1 year to 2 years overdue
more than 2 years Non Performing Asset (NPA)

Note – Account becomes npa after not depositing the loan even for two years, after that rc can be filed by the bank. After the recovery certificate (rc) is filed, the recovery work is done by the district administration. Recovery campaign is carried out by Tehsil with the help of recovery aminos. The farmer can also be sent to jail in the recovery campaign.

kisan credit card helpline number

For the farmer brothers, we have given all the information related to Kisan Credit Card. But if you are still facing problem then you can contact on toll free number 011-24300606. Apart from this, you can also ask by commenting in the comment box below.

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